31 Days {day 17}: Please excuse the mess

image via A Drop of Golden Sun

What a lovely thing it is to crack open a bottle of wine in the afternoon with friends who have known you since before you were called “Mrs.” or “Mom.”

What a lovely thing it is to have white chicken chili going in the crockpot, leaving hands free to distribute goldfish snacks, corral errant crumbs of play dough, and swirl the wine glass.

What a lovely thing it is to have a baby who wakes in the middle of a nap and puts herself back to sleep.

What a lovely thing it is to close the door on the mess of games in the attic and put off pick-up for another day.

What a lovely thing it is to have a group of children who play for hours with relatively few interruptions for sharing, pushing, or potty breaks.

What a lovely thing it is to have friends who give forgiveness, without being asked, when your child must be sent to the steps for a time out.

What a lovely thing it is to have dear friends whose children are growing to be dear friends with your children.

What a lovely thing it is to make a mess…

…and make memories.

Today’s quotation is pinned for wall art in my future dream play room.  The quote makes a mess seem less like a chore and more like an accomplishment.  Love it!


  1. Jo said:

    Oh, so true. Friends like that are such gifts from God. Embrace them, love them, be ever grateful for them. You know Nancy calls them “chosen family”. She is that but even more she is my “gifted family”–God has gifted me with her.

    October 18, 2012
  2. Megan said:

    Dumb thing to comment on since I have so loved all of your recent posts, but haven’t taken the time to tell you that, but the white chicken chili recipe…I’ve been looking for a good one and yesterday as I was finishing up a bowl of leftover traditional beef chili, I thought, “I know the Hendricksons have a good chicken chili recipe.” So the recipe you linked to says to cook on high for 30 minutes…I assume its something more like 8 hours??

    Seriously, I’m sure it’s been a major commitment to get a post out every single day, but if I had my way, I’d have something Beth-written every single day to read!

    October 20, 2012

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