Beth | Paper Doll TalesBeth Hendrickson is a mother, writer, English teacher, director of marketing, and self-appointed latte taste-tester.  Her culinary weaknesses are rhubarb, curry, and croissants.  Beth lives, works, and plays in Pittsburgh, PA but her heart’s home is on Edisto Island in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  Passionate about connecting with people and seeking joy, Beth writes about snippets of the real, true, grace-full life.

According to her daughters, ages 7 and 4, if Beth were a color, she would be purple (4-year-old) or pink (7-year-old).  If Beth were a smell, she would be milk chocolate.  If Beth were a place, she would be Iahoe (it’s a state, the 7-year-old insists.  Apparently, it’s a part of Iowa).  If Beth were an animal, she would be a zebra (4-year-old) or bunny (7-year-old).  If Beth were a word, she would be “the best” (the 7-year-old, who will be getting a very generous Christmas present this year.)

Beth is currently working on her first novel, Show-N-Tales, about The Bumbly Bears who attempt to manipulate an invite to First Grade show-n-tell but are edged out by the adventures of other whimsical stuffed animals.

Connect with Beth:

paperdolltales [at] gmail [dot] com | instagram: @PaperDollTales | twitter: @PaperDollTales | facebook: /paperdolltales

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