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I flipped a sunny-side-up egg this morning as Gayle King exclaimed, “Only one week until Christmas!  One week!  Can you believe it?”  The CBS Morning Show anchors all shook their heads in collective wonder.  It seems to be the question we’re all asking one another these days as we stand in line (and stand and stand and stand) at the post office, as we check out at the grocery store, as we wait in the preschool hallway at pick up time, as we flip eggs and mentally review the week ahead’s to-do list.  “Can you believe it?”

We’re all waiting and prepping and wrapping with that one day, one week out, in mind.  That one day on which a flurry of tattered paper, new presents, forks and knives, Christmas tunes, and twinkling lights will finally declare “Christmas is here.”

And then it will be gone.

What do I do about the day after Christmas?  Or the weeks to come after Christmas?  When there is no countdown to some major event?  How do I go about my to-do list without the energy of some big impending thing urging me onward?

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here in Pittsburgh the past month.  The type of weather that makes us all dream of pumpkins not pines.  Reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is simply not the same when I can close the book on the final page of carved roast beast and then send the kids in sundresses outside to ride bikes.

But today, I saw flurries.  The car thermometer display read 34 degrees, and for the first time all season I felt justified in wearing a winter coat.  The flurries tangled around our windows and wheels.  Miss C squinted from her car seat.  “Ummmmm, I think I can see them.”  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree played on the radio and sounded just right.

Miss C: “Hey Mom!  Flurries!  Just like Flurry to God!”

Me: “Well, kind of.  I think you mean like Glory to God!”

Miss C: “Yes!  Flurry to God!”

This Christmas season, one week out from the big day and with just a few sneezes of snow floating through the air, we’re going with it.  Flurry to God.  We’re going to offer up all the hectic last minute flurry of to-dos to God and the Glory ushered into the world when He came among us.  The good news is that He didn’t just come for a day.  He came for all the days, weeks, and years after.  What do I do with the day after Christmas?  The weeks after?  Sing “Flurry to God!” at the top of my lungs, of course.

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    December 18, 2015
  2. Anna said:

    I love this!!!! Miss you…calling you today! Xo

    December 19, 2015

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