Monday Morning Snippets 7.15.13

I’m a glutton for punishment: I submitted myself to a four-year-old’s brutally honest view of her mama by asking her a round of those questions you’ve seen on the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day questionnaires.  You know.  The ones that start with “My mom is_____.”  Savvily enough, while Little Friend may have added a decade to my age and saddled me with a favorite song that I’ve never actually heard, she did get other things right, like my favorite TV shows and what I like to do with my friends.  I’ve updated my about page with her candid responses.  Check it out!


Just like that July is balanced on its tipping point, teetering with the threat of sliding down to August.  This calendar date holds me hostage with the gun of back to school shopping sprees and days more humid than hot and beggarly pleas of “Where has the summer gone?!”


It’s the season of summer road trips.  My wanderlust is tripped each time I spy an RV or cars bristling with bike racks and cargo containers.  As I run about my normal errands, I think of summer playlists, road food, car scavenger hunt games, and hazy destinations that stir up clouds of butterflies in the stomach.


Little Friend announces, “Mom, you know who I’m going to marry?  I think I’m going to marry someone from India.  Or maybe Paris.”


Little One takes her first tumble down five stairs.  It’s about time.  This sneaky girl has long been awaiting openings to bolt through the child-proof (but not Little-One-proof) gate.  She found her chance last night, which we discovered by the sounds of thudding followed by wailing.  I discovered her wedged between the bottom step and the useless gate.  Sobs.  Then ten seconds later, the sobs stop.  She looks around.  She grabs the gate and hauls herself out of my arms to attack the cat.  Then–do I hear correctly?–she’s chuckling.  From sobs to belly laughs in 15 seconds.  Ah, Little One.


‘Tis the season: I’m adding to my travel bucket list.  This destination.


My favorite pin of the week:  As a gal who’s pretty, pretty, pretty tempted to only count outcomes, I need this reminder!


My favorite Instagram of the week:



  1. I love your “About Me” page. Your little girl is such a sweetie, even if she did age you by 10 years.


    July 15, 2013
  2. Kami said:

    I love your posts, Beth! You have an amazing way with words. I love hearing stories of your sweet family and your journey as a mom.

    July 18, 2013
  3. Kelsey said:

    Definitely a great pin, Beth!
    Life’s about the journey, not the destination.

    You were always an inspiration to me & continue to be.

    Thank you for all the advice & insights you’ve given over the years- on the blog or in class.

    You are a teacher whether inside the classroom or out.

    August 14, 2013

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