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October 6 | Possible

It’s possible that I pretended to be an anteater yesterday.  An anteater who was rather disappointed to find out that persons do not like eating ants and that persons are distinguishable from anteaters because persons do not have little ears sprouting from their tops of their heads.  We didn’t make it onto comparisons of noses, but I have a feeling that persons would have fallen short in that category, too.

From my mid-thirties outlook on life, I find myself balancing the scales of the decades on either side of me.  With an upcoming visit from my college best friend looming later this week, I’ve dusted off old college photo albums and reflected on my 20-year-old self, her hopes, dreams, wishes, and what she imagined life would be like at 35.

I’m not sure 20s me would have believed how great 35 feels.  Not perfect, as any Monday like yesterday could attest to, but comfortable, settled, intentional.  Would I have dared to hope?

I can confidently say that 20s me would not have imagined anteater antics.  Can we ever really imagine the best moments of our lives when these are not necessarily the “biggies”?  How a morning spent trying to figure out how to best impersonate a hairy beast that likes six-legged snacks could be as beautiful as a wedding day?

So if I glance toward my other hand holding the scales of the next 35 years, I’d say it’s possible the hazy hunk of life waiting there will have some anteater moments in it too.

Day 6 of 31 days.  For the month of October, I’m joining in on 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes and embracing the chance to notice and appreciate and set free the moments in life that bring joy in the midst of chaos.  Following the rules to write an unedited response to a prompt in 5 minutes, the insights and gratitude I gain in that short time will lift my soul skyward for the day.  Join me in reading!  Grateful for the challenge of Write 31 Days.


  1. Nancy said:

    Keep appreciating the anteater moments and reminding us to do so too .

    October 6, 2015
  2. Jenna said:

    Yes, yes, yes. 20s me never could have imagined.

    October 6, 2015
  3. Jo said:

    Yes, Nancy. And yes, Beth. God bless the anteater moments and help us to not only recognize them, but embrace them and see the unspeakable value in them.

    October 6, 2015

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