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October 6 | Possible It’s possible that I pretended to be an anteater yesterday.  An anteater who was rather disappointed to find out that persons do not like eating ants…

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Intentional Living

It’s been a loooooonnng time a’coming, but I’m jumping back into the 5-Minute Friday writing prompt and habit. When my grandmother designed her dream kitchen, she included a special-sized counter…

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Five Minute Fridays

I caught a glimpse of the moon last night.  It was a sickle moon but it curved in the direction that’s never chosen for a child’s drawing of the moon.…

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Five Minute Fridays

Intentional Living

{If you’re stopping by for the first time today, you’ve landed in the midst of a 31 Day Challenge as I work toward 31 Days of Quotes that Inspire.  Welcome!…

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Five Minute Fridays Intentional Living