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Little C simply does not know what a whisper is.  She thinks it’s yelling…with your lips mostly pursed.  This definition makes for some interesting interactions at church, library, post office,…

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Intentional Living


Joy is a lodestone in the pit of my stomach. That’s not a word I use or think about much–lodestone–unearthed from ancient English roots that have clumps of fairy and sea monster…

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Intentional Living


I pray that they will fly, even if they’re afraid of heights. I pray that they will eat pumpkin pancakes on the first morning that feels like fall. I pray…

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Intentional Living

We are the proud owners of a house rabbit, thanks to the devastating combination of a pair of little white ears, a pair of sparkling blue eyes, and the phrase…

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Five Minute Fridays

I’ve been wanting to write about joy. I think the dictionary has the definition of “joy” wrong, and far be it from me to drop a little email to Old…

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Intentional Living