Extrovert-me takes longer to wake up than introvert-me.  I’m fairly balanced, personality wise, between the extrovert and introvert, and while introvert-me looks at the dividing line between the two zones with…

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Five Minute Fridays Intentional Living

Intentional Living Motherhood

The day after Thanksgiving, those Parisians leaned tee-pees of wrapped Christmas trees against street corner newspaper stands, grocery market entrances, charcuterie doors, patisserie awnings.  Christmas had arrived in Paris.  Christmas…

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My favorite spot of sea is brackish brown, not the topaz splendor of the Mediterranean or Caribbean.  My sea laps with waves dyed brown from tannins, as though those waves…

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Wanderings and Travel

This town in Provence hunkers behind golden walls, it’s streets leading toward a cafe- and boutique-studded heart like some inverted compass, beckoning us in from all points.  This town in Provence…

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Five Minute Fridays

It’s okay if dinner ends up as a pile of foamy vomit on a straw-strewn floor.  It’s okay if you gnaw on a haunch of chicken while sitting in wet underwear.…

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