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“Travel is more than the seeing of sights,” proposes Miriam Beard.  “It is the change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of the living.”  Prior to having kids, I was fortunate to travel to some amazing locations around the globe.  While we’ve still managed to have some incredible journeys post-kids, our destinations have been a bit closer to home.  We’ve also found some favorite spots that call us back over and over.  Whether you’re roaming large and free or nestling into a home-away-from-home, what I value most is the way the journey challenges our capacity to see, savor, and remember the magic of small things.


Edisto Island, SC – The favorite family vacation spot.  The place we always come back to.  The place that feels most like home away from home.

7 Reasons You Should Vacation on Edisto Island

Seattle, WA – My spirit home.

Orcas Island, WA

Lourmarin, France – The heaven on earth vacation spot.  The place we imagine drenched in sun, radiating like a sunflower’s face, slipping by like a good glass of wine.  The place that feels like an impressionist’s painting come to life.

New York, NY – The “Why don’t I live here?” spot.  The place that makes our blood boil, our wallet empty, and our dreams reshape in slightly more crowded, slightly grittier, slightly more exciting fashions.  The place of the best wedding to date.

Phoenix, AZ – The going back to my roots spot.  The place of desert sun, ballet classes, kindergarten recess, and chosen family.  The place of a moment in desert time.

Pittsburgh, PA (Strip District) – The “home” spot.  The place I journeyed to for college and stayed.  The place where, no matter how much I travel, always tempts me back with rivers, bridges, nationalities, food, culture, and zero traffic.  The place that I call my favorite spot within my “home” spot.

Troyes, France – The hidden gem of France spot.  The place that’s barely mentioned in guidebooks.  The place where for a day or two, champagne, foie gras, and medieval architecture delight simultaneously the ears, eyes, and mouth.

Recommended Dining in Pittsburgh

Fire Escape Coffee ($)

La Gourmandine ($)

Conflict Kitchen (Kubideh Kitchen) ($)

Cathedral Café ($$)

Udipi Café ($)

e2 ($$)

Avenue B ($$$)

Legume Bistro ($$$)

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