31 Days of Quotes {day 11}: Calling in sick

Note to self:

Please excuse Beth from mothering today.  She seems to be coming down with a bad case of I-Don’t-Want-Tos with a touch of Tired-Momitis.  She will be taking the rest of the day off to paint her nails, sit on the couch, read US Weekly, and watch Nashville.  She does not intend to do anything productive, intelligent, or motivating.  She fully understands that this means the bills will frolic unpaid for another day, the dishwasher will not unload itself, the clothes will not magically migrate from washer to drier, the black ring around the toilet bowl will just be a smidge larger tomorrow, she will not sport a Pinterest-worthy hair do, she will not don a Pinterest-worthy outfit, and the children may watch enough TV to make the American Academy of Pediatricians squirm uncomfortably.  She will not even consider the thought of working out or entertain any guilt from this lack of consideration.  She may even {gasp} give herself a break from the pressure to spend meaningful memories with her children.  The neighborhood should be aware that Beth’s front porch will not be decorated for fall holidays today.  The children should be aware that no playdates will be scheduled, monitored, or attended today.  The husband should be aware that Beth could use a back rub later this evening.  Beth should be aware that it’s all ok.  It’s okay to take a day off of mothering.  Off of expectations from others.  Most importantly, a day off of expectations laid on by herself.  The sun will keep shining.  The leaves will keep falling in golden showers.  The souls of the people she holds most dear will remain intact.  Of course, she will be sure to make up any homework, tests, or projects missed in her absence.



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  1. Jo said:

    Yea!! Good for you!! This a big important step in being the mom you want to be. Your girls will learn much as they watch their mother modeling how a woman takes care of herself. Martyrdom (which can be born, among other things, of too many expectations) is for the birds–it burdens giver and receiver both. So embrace and revel in your day!
    (…and take another if you need it)

    October 11, 2012
  2. Nancy said:

    Glad to know that you know how to put on your oxygen mask when needed. Hope you enjoyed your day off

    October 12, 2012

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