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Headstand, Yes | Paper Doll Tales

I somehow have it in my head that “doing a yoga headstand” belongs on my life bucket list.

Unlike most other athletic classes (where the young skinny things who have not yet had to strain one muscular thought in the direction of gestating a child contort themselves in perfectly impossible poses), yoga is for the masses.  Yoga is for the mamas with jiggly bits and the grandmas with sagging bits and, yes, even the young skinny things with no bits yet.  And regardless of the level of perfection attained in physique, I have seen women of all perfections with heels over heads in yoga classes.

I really, really want to do a yoga headstand.

Of course, the literal rush of blood to head will be rewarding in itself, but I also think there’s power in saying “Yes” to things that seem like an immediate “No.  I couldn’t.  Just no way.  Right?”    There’s power in trying and failing and trying again to give “Yes” the final word.  There’s power in achievement that comes out of sweat and tears and frustration and doubt and minuscule progress.

So if you see me glaring at my 6 and 3 year old, both of whom are progressing far more rapidly toward headstands in their gymnastics classes, or if you see a mama with jiggly bits perched in a trembling tripod on a yoga mat, you’ll know I’m in the middle of learning.  I’m balanced somewhere between determination and frustration, but all the same, I’m saying “Yes” through gritted teeth and experimenting with lifting one toe at a time to see what happens.

To what scares me in failure potential: Yes.  To what excites me in possibility: Yes.  To what gives me new perspective: Yes.

Just let me say for the record, to sky-diving: No.  Definitely No.

Inspired by and sharing with the community of writers at Five Minute Friday.  Five unedited minutes of writing on the prompt “Yes.” Love reading through the amazing varied posts!


  1. Jo said:

    Bless you for your “gritted teeth” and your “yeses”!

    September 4, 2015
  2. Janel said:

    yes, amen — NO skydiving.
    but seriously, this is great. I’ve been thinking about yoga for a bit. It looks like something I could handle, but i was afraid of those people that seem judgey at the gym. i guess that’s not the way it works eh. i’m thankful. you go girl with your head stand. I’ve seen some crazy awesome yoga poses that I can only imagine doing one day. I look forward to saying Yes to life as it comes along. thank you for the reminder

    September 4, 2015
  3. Nancy said:

    Yay for yeses and nos. we need them both. Good luck.

    September 4, 2015
  4. You go, girl! Lol, I couldn’t do it at 54 and way-too-many-jiggles but I am rooting for you in your yes’s. Blessings, I was your neighbor at #FMF ♥

    September 4, 2015
  5. […] test.  Self-portrait created with some semi-identifable body parts.  Yoga class attended (headstand progress nil). On-time for bus stop: 10/10.  Breakfast consumed 9/10 mornings.  Hair brushed 8/10 […]

    September 18, 2015

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