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We live, love, and laugh intentionally here.  We celebrate nose picking and toe stubbing.  We massage babies and fill summer buckets to the brim with good memories.  We savor tartes aux framboises and swoon over perfect weddings.  We root our feet in island sand.  We adore Little Friend and welcome Little One.

Two of the most popular posts on Paper Doll Tales have been about a summer to-do list and a chalkboard menu board in my kitchen.  If you like a top-20 list sort of thing, here are the other popular posts from the archives of Paper Doll Tales.

1. 2011 Summer Bucket List

2. DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

3. Motherhood is Like Stubbing Your Toe

4. Treasure: Matilda Jane Clothing

5.  A New York City Wedding

6.  Edisto Island, A Magical Family Brew

7.  La Gourmandine Bakery

8. Moby Wrap

9.  A Stay At Home Mom’s Manifesto

10.  Baby, Baby, Oh Baby – Infant Massage DVD

11.  Cousin Camp, Day Four

12.  Dust Go To Sleep

13.  Kiss and Tell

14.  Ten things: Pastetooth

15.  Say it Louder!

16.  The Simple Things

17.  28 Weeks

18.  The Power of Yes

19.  Thanks Be To Little Friend

20.  In Walked Wonder

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