Around Here 5.25.15

Around Here 5/25/15 | Paper Doll TalesAround Here 5/25/15 | Paper Doll Tales

 Country field in Williamsport, PA | Cousins eating at Eder’s Ice Cream | Pour-over brazilian brew from Alabaster Coffee | Hike to Jacoby Falls | Summer shampoo/conditioner bar favorite from Bathvs at the Williamsport Farmer’s Market | Daisy chain making | Luke, the world’s cutest, laziest puppy | Sun down on the country weekend

For one week a year, Williamsport, PA enters the national spotlight through ESPN’s cameras and the Facebook posts of a thousand moms chaperoning their internationally-acclaimed wonder kids around the Little League World Series.  This was not that week.  For the rest of the year, my hometown is a small, sleepy country bumpkin, oblivious to its own hay-sweet beauty.

We spent most of Memorial Day weekend in Williamsport enjoying time with family, cousin sleepovers, creekside dining with a blues band, mellow evenings that sprawled impossibly long in summer laze, ice cream cones, grilled steak salads, farmers markets, and fields of nonchalant daisies.

I hope your Memorial Day held the same blessings of freedom to you!

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  1. Jo said:

    Amen. Well said.

    May 26, 2015

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