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2012 Tally: 15 summers left with Little Friend | 18 summers left with Little One

That tally keeps me honest.  On days when I grumpily wish I could just close my eyes mid-afternoon and wake up the next morning with a clean slate for a do-over, I need an honest reminder.  This {temper tantrum, dirty house, laundry pile, broken appliance, old car, bad hair day, missed appointment, migraine headache} too shall pass.  So too pass the smiles, giggles, sandy toes, sticky fingers, squishy hugs, and wide-eyed-world-wonder.  And once it {the good, bad, or ugly} passes, it’s not coming back.  So I want to grab the time and chance I have to savor sweet life with sweet little girls and check items off of our annual Summer Bucket lists and our Wanderlust Bucket List.

2011 Summer Bucket List: Some highlights include a DIY acid mirror, a reading tent, a mud pie kitchen, homemade superhero capes, garden art, breakfast cookies, Edisto Island, summer reading lists, grilled caesar salad, baked strawberry cream and rhubarb oatmeal, and chocolate raspberry ice cream

2012 Fall Bucket List

Coming soon: 2012 Summer Bucket List and the Wanderlust Bucket List

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